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In the basement of our Belmont, Michigan home, as 2020 started in a very unique way, Authentic Michigander began it’s own adventure with an online store. Providing custom apparel for local schools, businesses and special events had been something that I (the bald guy in the center) had been doing for years and still do. With the limitations of Covid, normal life took a rest and this seemed like a good time for our family to do something together. By family, I mean actual family - all nine of us, our dog "Clover" and a new son-in-law.

Like most families we balance school schedules, piles of laundry, getting kids where they need to go, jobs, car maintenance and trying to have a meal together every once and a while. Our family vision with Authentic Michigander is to bring us even closer to together as we work side-by-side using our own unique skills to design, promote and deliver a quality product that you will be proud to wear and display.


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