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  • How long before my order arrives?
    We typically say "two weeks", honeslty it is what we can promise with our business being new. We are doing our best to keep things in stock for our customers, but until we know that more than just you, our family and friends like our products - we are tryng to not load up our storage area with too much apparel. As we grow, and we think we will, we will do our best to stay ahead of our demand. We ask for your patience. Trust me, our business success is dependant on you! If you don't spread the word about us and wear our apparel with pride - we have no chance of thriving.
  • Do you offer an expedited shipping?
    At this point, we are working on alternatives - but are using USPS for our shipping only. We want to keep shipping costs low so that we can focus on creating new designs, more style and color options for you.
  • Will you offer more styles and colors in the future?
    Yes, that is our goal for sure! Believe it or not, Covid is limiting the apparel we can bring to you at this time. Once things start to get "normal" again in the world, more colors and styles will magically appear - ready for that. We are already working on new and fresh desings for apparel we hope to bring to you in the very soon future. This is our passion moving forward and we hope you follow along with us on this journey.
  • What do you do with the pictures on Instagram?
    Our purpose for the photos on Instagram and other social media outlets is to grow community. We want to see you, our Authentic Michiganders, showing your Michigan pride in all sorts of fun ways. No matter if your grilling on your deck, camping with family, out for ice cream with friends or vacationing far away somewhere - we want to see you and your Michigan pride!
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